Stand In Awe Without Analyzing

Standing on a mountain overlook seeing mountain peaks and tree-covered valleys. We just take it in. Without analysis.

Watching the sun descend over the ocean horizon with swaths of color painting the sky.

Some things we just take in with awe without analyzing good or bad.

I saw this quote this morning in my Plough daily email. We could with just such an attitude take in the commands of Jesus and just do them. No arguing. No rationalizing. Just doing and obeying.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Humanly speaking, we could understand and interpret the Sermon on the Mount in a thousand different ways. Jesus knows only one possibility: simple surrender and obedience, not interpreting it or applying it, but doing and obeying it. That is the only way to hear his word. He does not mean that it is to be discussed as an ideal; he really means us to get on with it.

Source: The Cost of Discipleship

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