Today We Remember, Hopefully To Change

Remember when there were laws at the local, state, and federal levels that specifically called out people with darker skins spelling out a list of rights they did not have?

I am old enough to remember the same attitudes toward Jewish people.

Heck, mom had some small degree of prejudice against Lutherans and Catholics. But that’s another story.

I remember the first Jewish people and black people I ever met. And talked with. And became friends with.

It was at the university. They were just people. Like me. Trying to get through school, get a degree, and make the families proud.

But institutional things had to change.

Martin Luther King, Jr. became the leader of the leaders. The preacher of the movement. The teacher of non-violence.

And change did happen. Laws have been changed.

This past year’s conversations show that the world still has far to go in terms of attitudes.

Most likely I identify with the Christian church in the US because of the witness of the civil rights movement.

Education and travel are keys to changing attitudes.

And so are teachers in the mold of Dr. King who hold the ideals in front of us.

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