Secure or Insecure, That Is The Question

I think Hunter is here.

No, not a dog. Or a guy. A “storm”.

In order for The Weather Channel to raise hype about potential weather, executives felt the need to name winter storms such as has been done for years for hurricanes.

So, Hunter is the next one. Get us feeling like it’s the next “Blizzard of ’78” so that we will stay glued to the TV and app. Oh by the way, ratings go up, advertisers are happy and sign up for more spots.

Accuweather has been hyping 8 inches of snow for several days while other services have suggested 1-3 inches. Where I live, three inches of snow means shovel it off the drive and walks and go to work. Eight inches will slow travel for a day. We dig that out and go on.

But I did gas up the snowblower for the first time in a couple of years and start it so that it’s ready to go tonight or tomorrow.

Feelings of insecurity?

Reading in Proverbs in my “chair time” this morning, I was struck by how often the security of the wise is contrasted with the insecurity of the fool or wicked. The writers don’t always use those terms, but it’s buried in the meaning.

Today I was reading about how the wise and righteous grow roots and therefore are not blown away by the wind.

I was thinking about all the times I’ve written on leadership and how an insecure leader is one of the worst to follow.

Insecurity in our personality is one of the worst emotions. When we have no rock of faith. We lash out in anger.

I had to delay writing this post today. There was a “badge” on the icon of the Settings app. iOS needed to be updated. For security reasons. We have insecurity everywhere around us. I hope not within.

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