The Prudent Are Restrained in Speech

“But when words are many, transgression is not lacking.”

The 10th chapter of Proverbs begins the collection of Solomon’s proverbs.

Many, if not most, will not get this illustration. But my thoughts went to Eddie Haskell.


He was the well-dressed, blonde, good-looking friend of Wally. Wally was Beaver’s older brother in the 50s TV show Leave it to Beaver.

Eddie’s speech was smooth, ingratiating–and devious. He could use many words designed to remove himself from any suspicion of wrong doing implicitly blaming someone else.

We all rooted for him to be found out as a liar.

Have you ever caught yourself piling word upon word hoping that the resulting cloud of confusion would hide your transgression?

We certainly see it too often in the newspapers and TV news shows.

We should wait to speak and add weight to our words. Say what is necessary, and no more.

I think I’m done for today.

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