What Breaks Your Heart

“What? You mean we’re only a week into the New Year and already you’ve broken your New Year’s Resolutions?” Mayhem, character in the insurance advertisement.

All of us, when we think about Resolutions or even some of my suggestions are all about us.

Last weekend, Andy Stanley challenged us with a different way of thinking.

In place of an “all about me” approach, he challenged us with a different question.

What breaks your heart?

He reached back into what must be his favorite book–Nehemiah.

Nehemiah was a guy. Not just any guy. He was a high official in the court of the King of the Persians. Oh, he was also a Jew.

He received a report from his brother about the state of things among the Jews returning to Judah and about the city of Jerusalem. The news was not good.

“When I heard these words, I sat down and wept.”

He did more than cry. He developed a plan. He would take the initiative to do something about it. Read the book. It’s short. You can also read Jon Swanson’s conversations with Nehemiah. This is a lesson in leadership you will not soon forget.

I was at a soccer referee clinic Saturday. When the speaker (retired FIFA referee from Northern Ireland) paused and asked for questions, a guy behind me loudly complained about the presentations he was given to teach from. About how they put people to sleep or the kids in the back are on their smartphones. At the break I turned around and as gently as I know how suggested that he was fully empowered to take that lesson, be creative, make it his own, involve the kids in the back. He started ripping on me. <sigh>

The point is that we are empowered to do something.

What one thing breaks your heart? What one thing can you do starting right now to do something about it?

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