Whoever Finds Wisdom Finds Life

“For whoever finds me finds life

and obtains favor from the LORD;

but those who miss me injure themselves;

all who hate me love death.”

Meditating on the 8th chapter of Proverbs today along with thinking about my latest reading of a nutrition book.

I’ve just finished a book on nutrition called The Plant Paradox. This is a study of lectins. They are bad things. They make us fat and unhealthy.

It’s the opposite of Why We Get Fat. That began as a study of the science of eating too much sugar, then based a total meat diet on the comment of a paleontologist who said, well, ancient humans ate a meat diet. Therefore, modern humans should eat more meat, less other stuff.

I find these books all take a nugget of science and then overlay an avalanche of conjecture or story. Usually they are also internally inconsistent citing something that contradicts some of the science they are promoting.

Think about all the various theologies floating around.

They all begin with a nugget of knowledge from the scriptures and then weave a long and complex story (theology) around it.

As a young man, I was as prone as anyone to jump on the latest theological (or political or nutritional) fad. They sound so convincing.

Then I started reading some of the 1970s pop theology (some of which still lingers in some areas) along with the Bible. It opened my eyes. Ever since I’ve read all these differently.

Maybe I latched on to Wisdom–at least a little. She says, “Whoever finds me finds life…those who miss me injure themselves.”

That is true with nutrition as well as with theology. Seek Wisdom.

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