Living In The Light

A friend from many years ago often told the story of his pastor. Every message the man preached eventually got around to the evils of sex. Then one day the pastor packed up and left suddenly–with the wife of the chairman of the board of Deacons.

Sometimes we betray ourselves with our speech.

When we start reading the inevitable “year in review” articles journalists love, 2017 events will read more like Zombies than Love Story. Especially weather and natural events have been devastating for many.

Reflecting on my months of reading in the gospel of John and his theme of light, I’m thinking of all the sordid things that have been brought out from the shadows this year. Perhaps the #MeToo movement may have enough critical mass that will cause men to grow up in relationships and women to speak up notwithstanding real fear of losing their careers. This is not just adultery that rips apart families, but systematic abuse of power in a hurtful physical/emotional way.

I think I’m like many men who reflect back over long careers and wonder if there was ever a time…

But the things coming to light were seldom isolated events. They reflected character–or lack thereof.

John begins and ends with the light. He also begins with how Jesus has the power to make us children of God and ends with Jesus praying that we have eternal life–that is, knowledge of God in the deepest sense.

This Advent we pray for the Light to infuse the world and the spreading of Peace. And for our own courage to take part in that spreading.

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