He’s Gonna Find Out

He’s making a list; checking it twice.

Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.

Whom among us ever behaved because of this threat from Santa Claus?

Even for a minute?

Or has been the parent who uses threats as the “easy” way to enforce proper behavior?

“Just wait until I get you home….”

“If you don’t stop that, I’ll ….”

Delayed punishment of children, actually even of many adults, doesn’t work as far a changing behavior.

Worse still is the threat that’s not enforced or even forgotten.

There are whole Protestant denominations founded on the premise of threats.

Back when Hartford, Connecticut was the home of most insurance companies Mad Magazine ran a caricature of a preacher who sold the first “fire insurance” in the US.

Today, we all get to find out who has been naughty when they appear on the front page of the newspaper, lead on the TV news, or at the top of your digital news feed. And, Lord, this has been the year of bringing naughty into light!

Or we can consider from another perspective–do we really want to raise human persons to be timid and docile? That doesn’t sound like the type of person Jesus developed. His initial group of followers–beyond the 11 considering the maybe 100 or more that were around all the time, too–all seemed to be strong, courageous, and faithful.

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