I Am In The Father, The Father Is In Me

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

Understanding what John is saying in chapters 13-15 of his gospel can be as confusing as this thought from the Beatles song “I Am The Walrus” goo goo g’joob.

Jesus says, I’m in the Father. The Father is in me. You can be in the Father. I’m in you.

As one person in my small group said, “Why would any sane person tell a new Christian to read John? He is so deep and complicated.”


I have been haunted by the pop psychology that grew up following Freud. It used to be rampant in university English departments. Don’t know if they still teach it. The idea is that “it’s all in your head.” There is no truth. No spirit. You and Jesus, together? It’s all in your head.

But I go back to ancient tradition. Science teaches us that if someone experiences something and writes down the event and the process, and then other people follow the experiment and find the same thing, then we have uncovered a fact–a truth.

We can read thousands of years of human experience about being one with God. They come from a variety of cultures and a variety of geographies. And they all discover the same thing.

Jesus tries to explain with the analogy of the vine. (Chapter 15) He is the vine, God the Father is the cultivator. We are branches.

This means to me that we draw our energy, spiritual food, “Living Water” from Jesus. And we bear fruit.

That makes it simple enough for me to grasp. That plus experience.

Following the spiritual disciplines in our lives helps us to come to the same experiences as those people over the past couple of thousand years.

Kind of an awesome thought.

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