Hungry and Thirsty for the Spirit

Blaise Pascal

We do not grow tired of eating and sleeping day after day, because hunger and fatigue return; without them, we should be bored. It would be the same without hunger for spiritual things; we should be bored.

Source: Pensées, as quoted in A Third Testament

People who research such things are discovering the power of boredom. We try to fill our days with stimulation. Or we fill our kid’s days with stimulation and busyness.

It is in boredom where our mind is free to roam. We can imagine things. Explore with our minds.

Perhaps that is not quite what Pascal had in mind.

But out of boredom, God can speak to us. We are not busy. We are not filling our minds with meaningless stimulation.

As our minds explore, we can settle in on God. Get in touch with spiritual things.

Of course, Pascal took the meaning the other way.

Because we do not hunger for spiritual things, we let our lives drift in boredom.

Maybe as Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.”

If you find yourself bored, it is time to feel the hunger. Don’t fill up with junk food. Find substantial food.

One Response to “Hungry and Thirsty for the Spirit”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    I recently listened to podcasts talking about the scientific difference between pleasure and happiness. Oddly enough the pursuit of pleasure can contribute to boredom or certainly discontent. Thirsting after God is a wonderful antidote 😉 have a great weekend Gary.

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