So Focused That We Just Can’t See

I was just starting down the trail along the pond beginning the day’s exercise, when I startled a kingfisher. It had been staring down from a tree limb probably contemplating breakfast. 

It knew the direction I was coming from, and it flew 30 yards or so ahead. Again as I approached, it flew another 30 yards ahead. Repeated again. 

What if it could see patterns? After two times, it could have thought, he’s coming in a straight line. If I go back to the original tree where I had scoped out breakfast, he will be long gone.

But it didn’t see the pattern and instead just flew to the end of the pond and then away.

Our small group is immersed in chapters 12-14 of the gospel of John. This includes the “last supper” and many instructions.

Jesus, of course, sees the big picture. He knows what’s coming. He tries to alert his team.

But they are so focused on the way things have been the past 2-3 years and also on what they think is supposed to happen, that they cannot see.

“I am going, and you can’t follow?”

“Where are you going? Bethany? Bethsaida? Nazareth?”

They are thinking physical reality.

Jesus, as always, is thinking spiritual reality.

They didn’t get it until they all met again on the other side of the crucifixion. 

We can read ahead. We read the other end of the conversation before we understand the beginning.

Are we so focused on the Jesus we think should be that we can’t see the Jesus that is?

Are we so focused on ourselves that we can’t experience the Holy Spirit?

Are we so focused on ourselves that we forget that Jesus told us that those who love him will follow his commandments—Love God with all our being and love our neighbors (even the despised foreigners)?

We focus so hard on seeing that we just fail to see.

2 Responses to “So Focused That We Just Can’t See”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    Thought provoking questions very timely and challenging- thank you

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