Finishing the Job

Did you ever start something and then walked away? Maybe you had a vision for a little vegetable garden where you could harvest fresh vegetables all summer.

But, you never got around to tilling the soil, planting seeds, cultivating the plants, pulling weeds.

There was no harvest of fresh vegetables to grace your table and enhance your health.

I see churches and other organizations do the same thing.

Initiate a program. Get people excited.

But it never becomes part of the culture or workflow or daily life of the organization.

Jesus instructed us many times that blessing lies not in the hearing of the word but in the doing. Noted Catholic activist Dorothy Day said, “We talk about the Sermon on the Mount. It is amazing what happens when we start living it.” She did.

I just finished “Hit Refresh” by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Part of the book talks about his personal journey toward gaining empathy. Then he expands by talking about how he went about changing the notoriously noxious Microsoft culture. Good reading for leaders of any type of organization who wish to move the organization forward and not merely exist. (“Hit Refresh” refers to your browser when you want to update the page.)

The Word does us no good unless it becomes an integral part of our everyday life.

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