Like Peter Pan He Never Grew Up

The young family was walking at the park. Parents were probably in their 20s. She was pushing the baby stroller while simultaneously trying to control the dog on a leash. He had a remote-control unit in his hands as he piloted his remote control all-terrain vehicle along the road.

I guess some boys never grow up.

It’s like the 30-something guy beside me on a plane late one night. He’s watching an action movie on his laptop. It’s amazing the perspective when you aren’t into the story and can’t hear the dialog and just watch the picture. There were cars flying all over the place. Up over ramps and colliding. Speeding around turns. And colliding. Reminded me of little boys playing with their toy cars. They build ramps and take the cars and have them speed and fly and collide and make exploding noises while they do it.

I know. There are probably girls who have a hard time growing up, too. And there is a place in God’s great universe for fun.

But, I wonder at times.

Especially I wonder when I watch TV news with no sound (thank God) while I’m in airports or the United Club. It looks like junior high boys shouting at each other—challenging, provoking, antagonizing. Problem is, these little boys are supposed to be leading our country.

This is not unique to our times, I think. Maybe just more widespread. I’m thinking of Solomon’s son who took the throne and sought advice from his father’s advisors. They advised him to go easy on the people and give them a break. Then he consulted with his buddies. They were enjoying the benefits of being bff’s with the new king and advised him to pile on more taxes so that he would have more revenues. What followed was rebellion and a divided kingdom.

Failure to grow up has consequences.

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