Mutual Submission, Or Love Your Neighbor

Do you ever watch TV commercials from the 1950s? Or even TV shows from that era? Or print ads from the 30s through the 50s?

Are you ever shocked at the way women are treated in the media from those days?

Society has come a long way from those days regarding the treatment of women—and actually even among men, too.

And yet.

News still percolates out about men using power relationships to get sexual activity that otherwise would never come their way.

Silicon Valley. Of course that is filled with semi-adolescent geeky boys who evidently never learned how to treat people.

The movie industry. But that became a caricature years ago. Yet it is still going on.

The media industry.


Even in ordinary life. Flight attendants, who must work in close quarters with their customers, all tell of the many times that men “reach out and touch”.

2,000 years ago, Jesus gave us a commandment. “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Paul, likewise, every time he talked about human relationships it was all about being sensitive to the other person.

It takes a long time to change a culture, I guess. Or maybe a long time for people to grow up.

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