Why Do You Study?

Someone once observed about those engaged in advanced study in a graduate school that “they know more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing.”

Do you know anyone like that?

They like to impress you with knowledge, but in reality they really don’t know anything—especially about life.

Jesus said, “Don’t be like the scribes…”

Scribes were the Ph.D.s of his era. They knew a lot. They were meticulous when it came to knowing and quoting scripture.

They thought that that knowledge should bestow upon them honor and prestige. They dressed to impress. They demanded the best seats at a banquet or in church. They expected people to bow before them.

Jesus pointed to a group of them one time and said, probably to the delight of the audience, “Don’t be like them…”

Scholarship is good. I devoured the 1,700 pages or so of N.T. Wright’s study of Paul. Great stuff.

But in the end, why do we study. Why is it listed among the spiritual disciplines?

Isn’t it because study is one piece of the spiritual formation foundation?

Study, alongside prayer, meditation, worship, service, and the rest, exists to help us grow spiritually. Not to make us special in the eyes of people.

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