Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing

Schools love to slot people. Give a test, divide students into groups. Slot them into tracks.

They are often wrong when it comes to predicting success.

Even worse is the message they send. “You are this good and no more. You’ll always be…”

And they are wrong.

I’ve developed a passion for reading research into brain physiology and how the brain works. One good book from many years ago now was “Descartes’ Error.” The French philosopher famously said, “Cogito, ergo sum.” If you’ve forgotten your Latin (which I did beginning when I was forced to take it in high school), “I think, therefore I am.”

He was wrong. In reality, it is “I am, therefore I think.”

And what we now know is that the brain can continue to grow and develop throughout your life. You are not slotted to be something (barring abnormal injury or “birth defect”) for the rest of your life.

I’ve recently seen a couple of articles reporting research on the brain that describes how reading “rewires” your brain and keeps it healthy and growing. Especially reading fiction is good for you.

Activities such as crossword puzzles and other brain puzzles, learning a new language, and reading can reduce the occurrence of dementia by 40% or more.

The same works for spiritual formation.

Paul talks to his new converts who surely are adult that they are like infants. They still need milk. But assuredly they will grow and someday will eat adult food. He is speaking metaphorically about spiritual growth there. 

We can continue to develop and grow spiritually until the end of our lives! Never stop learning; never stop growing.

2 Responses to “Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    Amen! I love neuroscience. I have benefited greatly from Dweck’s mindset work. Thanks for sharing

  2. perceptionlight Says:

    Great blog. This is the type of thing that plants erroneous self-perceptions, not truth- so we end up navigating from a kaleidoscope of self-perceptions that can never reveal the truth of who we really are or how deeply we are loved.

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