Time To Celebrate Our Changing Jobs

Today is National Manufacturing Day. It is a day set aside to recognize and celebrate those who make “things” for us.

Jobs in manufacturing have change dramatically over the past 20 years. They are no longer dirty, smelly, dangerous, physically debilitating torture chambers. Environments for the most part are clean and safe. People must be willing to be trained for technical aspects of the job or in Lean principles.

In like manner, jobs in churches (primarily in America and Europe and maybe Latin America) have changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Only we recognize it in manufacturing. I’m not so sure that church leaders recognize that.

When everyone in your town or city neighborhood went to (the same) church, the role of the priest/pastor was shepherding the flock. Pastors. They organized services, officiated at weddings and funerals, visited the ill.

Today our small towns and city neighborhoods are most likely not so homogeneous. Pastors must become leaders. Motivators. Organizers. They need to set people (metaphorically) on fire to work according to their spiritual gifts. They must teach a new generation of seekers. Maybe more like those Wesleyan evangelists who went out to the people who were in need.

What about us? The “members” or “attenders”? 

We need to be more than people who just show up. Just like they described the early church in Acts 2, we need to so live our lives filled with the Spirit and developing our spiritual gifts that other people say, “Wow, I want some of that.”

It’s amazing. Sometimes we change by returning to the source and modeling those who came before us.

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