Challenge Your Assumptions—It’s A Growth Thing

That’s in the Laws of the Game???”

I’ve taught the FIFA Laws of the Game (football or soccer) for probably 25 years. Inevitably there is a dad in the class. He’s spent a few years in a chair along the touchline (side line to you aficionados of the foot ball that is not played with the foot) shouting at the referee. “I can do better than that,” he thinks.

First off, what he thought were the rules—aren’t. Second, he is taught the spirit of the game and how the game is actually played.

Everything he believed about the game is turned upside down.

Many Americans—especially from the Midwest and South—grew up in homogeneous towns. Everyone was a Christian (or at least pretended to be one). Everyone is the same ethnic group. Maybe in some larger communities there were two ethnic groups that lived together separately.

You assume everyone is the same.

But we’re not.

A recent survey uncovered a fact that should be disconcerting to evangelicals—those who say they go out and try to “win the lost for Jesus.” Well, they haven’t been very successful. The number of Christians defined by those who attend a service at least twice per month is a minority in America.

It’s best not to assume that everyone you meet is Christian. Even if they look like you.

Just like this—how many times have you picked up the Bible, opened it, read a passage, and declared, “I had no idea that this was in there.”

Maybe we should challenge our assumptions about what the Bible says by actually, gasp!, reading it. Reading it with an open heart to see what God is really telling you.

Maybe we should challenge our assumptions about people. Maybe treat every person we meet as a child of God whom he loves and desires a close relationship. That would be every person we meet.

If we all re-wired out assumptions, how would that impact the world?

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