Daily Habits For Success However You Define It

I’m always curious. How can I improve myself? What is healthy? What makes my brain grow? How can I help? How can I overcome my social awkwardness?

So, I come across lists all the time. I found a list that mostly is what I do, but there were some new ideas I need to try.

The guy who started this train of thought was James Altucher. He made millions. Lost it all. And his wife along with it. Then he made millions again. Lost it all, again. Now, he’s made it all again. He writes daily about his insecurities.

He wrote about what he’s done after the last time he lost everything. I’ve modified his list a little to suit my point of view (I’m not likely to make millions).

Altucher says, “Most important – I don’t think about past or future. I just think: did I do these habits today?” 

Excellent advice: I try to improve 1% each day on:

Physical Health 

Sleeping, eating well, exercise (which might just mean…enough movement per day. It doesn’t mean gym time).

Emotional Health 

Improve friendships 

Get rid of the people who put me down or make me feel bad about myself

Improve my own ability to hold onto my self-esteem rather than outsourcing it to others. It’s hard enough for other people to deal with their own self-esteem, let alone mine.

Love strangers

Love my family

Don’t judge myself too harshly

Prune my news sources, ignore people who only want to stoke my emotions so they can sell things

Mental Health 

Write down 10 ideas a day to exercise my idea muscle. The benefits of this are enormous. By the way, I use this technique when I’m helping people come up with strategic positioning for their companies or for a strategic marketing message. It’s also good for planning and for writing articles and books. 

Write, draw, create, in some way

Spiritual Health 

Simply be grateful every day. Find something difficult to be grateful for. 

Spend 15 minutes in the Bible every day.

Pray and meditate every day.

One Question a Day

At the end of every day ask, “Who did I help today?”


Read a mix of non-fiction and fiction each day. It doesn’t matter what you learn. Don’t stress it. You’ll absorb.

Books are the way to get a lifetime worth of experiences in just a few days.

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