He Turned The World Upside Down

Imagine that you live in a world where all relationships are governed by power—that is, who has power over whom. Most of us do not have to stretch our imaginations too far to bring this to mind.

Even family relationships were governed by who has the power (father) and who must obey (women and children).

The most God-fearing of the Jews were also power people. The power of the rule—and those who interpret the rules and those who follow the rules to the letter. These were the Pharisees. (Oh, yes, we have Pharisees among Christian circles even today.)

An ancient principle of writing and speaking holds that when your point is important you repeat it. So, let’s look at the Gospels.

What’s the greatest commandment? Love the Lord your God, oh yes, and a second one of equal importance, Love your neighbor.

A new commandment I give you, that you love one another (John repeats this within two chapters).

Check out how many times Jesus repeats this. Then check out Paul, and Peter, and James, and John’s other writings.

What does it mean to love my neighbor? Jesus tells us stories as examples.

There is how to treat the lost son (an example of treating all lost people).

How to treat someone who is injured (helped by a despised outcast, namely a Samaritan).

Read James for more examples of how to love people.

This love turned the Roman world upside down.

Two thousand years later, we still have societies governed by power relationships. 

We still need to practice this love to turn the world upside down.

We draw power from the spiritual disciplines—study, prayer, meditation, worship, simplicity—so that we can pass the love of Jesus on to others (metaphor of vine to branches to fruit).

Imagine, if you will, a world governed by the principle of love.

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