Getting Rid of Things From Your Life

In my reading yesterday, I came across some thoughts from a guy who is a bundle of nervousness. Somebody my therapist daughter would make a career from.

Side note: notice the reading part. I saw an article the other day about how reading rewires your brain in a good way. Did you know that your brain is not a static instrument. It is constantly changing. You can feed it information and experiences and it will grow in size and complexity. Or you can starve it, and it will shrink leading to bad things later in life. So, deepen and expand your reading. It’s a good thing.

Anyway, the guy was talking about shedding his life of things that no longer mattered. While at it, someone raised his anger. Then he thought, that’s something else I should get rid of. Anger.

Anger rises naturally. You can’t always stop it. But you can decide to get over it. It is up to you. Do I let it control me? Or, do I assume control over it?

Do you know anyone consumed by anger? Not very pleasant people, are they?

I’m ashamed of myself for years after I lose my temper and give in to the emotion.

The Apostle Paul put it this way–anger lets the devil set up a staging area in your life. Sort of like those construction sites where the contractor piles up all the materiel that will be used to construct the building. We need to be careful lest something negative build up in our lives.

I prefer to the best of my ability to fill my mind with only things that will help it grow–grow in knowledge, grow in understanding, grow in compassion, grow in love.

Things that are designed solely to provoke negative emotions such as fear and anger–those I banish. Think TV news for one.

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