Christians Behaving Badly

Ever see someone you know who is well known in the area as a Christian who behaves in a disgraceful manner?

I heard this phrase, Christians behaving badly, from a speaker quite some time ago. It’s stuck with me, or on me. It’s a play on words from a TV show. It fits so many people.

These days, your picture could be forwarded around Facebook, Instagram, or even a news site while you are behaving in a manner that would draw a sharp rebuke from the one you are supposedly following?

There is a picture drawn for us in the letter to the Hebrews that begins, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses…”

Does that thought, the thought that someone is always watching you, make you uncomfortable? It does me.

I’m introverted by nature (slightly anyway), and there are times when it seems that I can recall every embarrassing thing I’ve ever done. Maybe others are not so afflicted. 

There is a reason that I seldom refer to myself as Christian. I prefer follower of Jesus or “Christ-follower.” It shows I’m trying. But it is also perhaps an inner way of dissociating myself from people I read about in the news or hear discussing things that just make me cringe.

What kind of witness to Jesus is that, I ask myself. Is that really going to bring someone into relationship?

I hope my picture never hits that “behaving badly” circuit, even though I know that I am capable of it. But I’d hope that I’d always overcome the urge and behave appropriately.

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