Are We Growing and Improving, Or Sliding Into Our Emotions

Remember when TV first came along? Some of you do. “They” said that now there was a communications medium where everyone could have access to news and programs that would uplift the mind, educate them.

But soon there was a race to the bottom of reaching for cheap laughs and playing on emotions as TV networks sought ever larger audiences striving for larger amounts of sales and profits from advertisers hoping to reach those people.

So today we have networks devoted to stirring up emotions so that they’ll attract a loyal audience ever seeking for more emotional fire–and by the way see the ads that are presented to them.

Remember the Internet? And now even greater masses of people could get the information they needed to live a better life. Things like the Khan Academy where you can go to learn math and other subjects.

But then came advertising. And Facebook devoted to stirring up emotions to keep people online and, oh by the way, see the ads. And lo, Facebook and its founders became very wealthy.

And there were preachers using these new media. And did they teach and invite people to be disciples? Or did they preach to the lowest emotions to attract and keep people watching, and oh by the way, keep those donations coming….

And the people agreed and allowed themselves to be captured.

But 2,000 years ago Paul told us that we are like children who are on milk but that we need to grow to where we can eat meat (this is a spiritual reference, not a physical one). He told us about avoiding falling into our passions and instead focus on God. He told us to turn from darkness into light.

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