Peace and Justice Over All

My political (and social, for that matter) view was developed in Civil Rights and honed by anti-war. Justice and peace.

I’ve learned from the Bible about the need for justice.

“Here is my servant, whom I have chosen,

my beloved, with whom my soul is well pleased.

I will put my Spirit upon him,

and he will proclaim justice to the Gentiles.

19 He will not wrangle or cry aloud,

nor will anyone hear his voice in the streets.

20 He will not break a bruised reed

or quench a smoldering wick

until he brings justice to victory.”

I learned from Jesus about breaking racial and social barriers. Take, for example the story we call the Good Samaritan. Jesus taught that the “second law”, which James calls the “royal law”, is to love your neighbor as yourself. And who is our neighbor? Not only those of the same race or religion, but also those whom we are raised to despise.

Commenting on current social / political events is a sure way to invite trolls. And I have refrained from talking about the events in Virginia over the weekend. But…

Is the guy who yells “Fire” in a crowded theater protected by free speech rights?


With every right is a responsibility. There are no free rights.

People who stir up violent passions through demonizing people with different color of skin or of a different gender are like that guy yelling Fire. Acting with great irresponsibility.

I cry a little inside every time I hear people I know and often respect making casual, yet disparaging, remarks about black people, Spanish people, Middle Eastern people. And then they talk about church and pray to their god.

Growing in Christian maturity includes learning to consider what we say before we say it (see James). We are commanded (by Paul) to build up people, not tear them down. 

And to work for peace and justice.

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