What Would They Call You

I was given a nickname at birth. Dad determined a nickname based upon a sports book he’d read. Mom came up with the full name. (For the curious, Dad named me “Al” after a book about a minor league pitcher by Ring Lardner. I’ve never read the book.)

Some nicknames are more natural. Surely every “Rhodes” family has a “Dusty”. Every Smith family must have a “Smitty”.

Do you know anyone who has a nickname derived from their character?

Suddenly a number of vulgar ones popped into my mind. But we’ll let them pass.

A speaker I listened to yesterday pointed out that Barnabas, the apostle, was really a nickname for Joseph. It meant encourager. 

Jacob in the Bible became Israel (one who struggles with God–there are other meanings, too, I guess). Simon became Peter (the rock). Abram became Abraham and Saul became Paul to signify life changing events.

In some places even today, they don’t name newborn babies. They wait to make sure they will live. That’s sad.

In many ancient cultures boys were given a sort of place holder name until they proved themselves one way or another and then they received a name befitting their character.

What would people call you? 

Maybe a name for you to grow into?

Or, a reflection of who you have become?

I hope it’s a good one.

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