Excuse Me, No Offense But You’re A Man

That’s what she told me. No offense, but you’re a man. 

She was visibly emotional and she knew not why.

I wouldn’t understand, she implied, because of my gender–or maybe the culture of my gender. I don’t know. I don’t understand.

But actually, I understand. I’m not unemotional. 

There is either a gender or a cultural difference. Some people get emotional and cry. Others get emotional and show anger.

I try to avoid or deal with both.

Some you can’t avoid. Births, deaths, tragedies.

When my meditation was taking me deeper, I discovered the writings of the Desert Fathers. I knew the Fathers existed, I just didn’t realize I could actually get my hands on their books.

Did they talk about the mystical union with God? Ecstatically taken into the Seventh Heaven as some called it?

Actually what they talked about, aside from God and Jesus, was the psychology of emotions. How one emotion leads to another and then to another. And how to deal with them such that they don’t control your life.

But sometimes a good cry is the release you need at the moment. Beware the times when anger is the release of the moment. That hurts others, as well as yourself.

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