For What Do We Search

Wisdom says, “Whoever diligently seeks good seeks favor;

But evil comes to the one who searches for it.
 Proverbs 11:27

I’m addicted to Masterpiece Mystery shows on PBS (originally on BBC). Just watched the series Grantchester.  Supposedly a murder mystery series of stories, but the real story line delves into the screwed up relationships of the four main characters. You sit there, you watch it. You can see them coming to no good end.

At the end, one woman asks her man, “Just what are you searching for?”

That was the theme of the story. (Find it on Amazon Prime or Netflix or something and watch it. Worth the hour.)

We need to ask ourselves daily, what are we searching for?

Reminds me of a story from the poet Carl Sandburg. Seems a farmer was standing by a field contemplating the harvest when a stranger drove by. The stranger asked, “What sort of people live around here?”

“What sort were they where you are from?”

“They are a mean, lying, thieving sort.”

“Well, I guess you’ll find the people around here just like that.”

The farmer turned back to his field and a second stranger stopped to chat.

“What sort of people live around here?”

“What sort were they where you are from”

“Why, they are honest, hard working, helpful people.”

“Well, I guess you’ll find the people around here are just like that.”

Why do you think I carefully choose what news sources to read and then only check them a few times a day? I’m not seeking ways to get my negative emotions all fired up.

The people who puzzle me and for whom I pray are those who are seeking, but they don’t know for what they are seeking. They are just lost. Its seems worse to me to just drift through life always searching, never finding.

Every day I seek God. On the good days, I find him.

6 Responses to “For What Do We Search”

  1. Dick Says:

    Thank you Gary…I really enjoy your thoughtful daily devotion! Just out of curiosity…what are your news sources you look at daily?

    • Gary Mintchell Says:

      Lately I am a big fan of Axios–to the point, variety of links. Daily emails.

      I get The New York Times in my feed reader. Scan the Wall Street Journal and The Economist. Otherwise maybe a source I trust on Twitter or LinkedIn points to something.

      No TV news. I’ll actively search for a seat in an airport away from those ubiquitous monitors.

      For Silicon Valley and tech news–Pando Daily and The Information (both subscription).

      On the decidedly conservative side there is a site called Big Think that I get via RSS feed. Longer thought pieces on a variety of subjects.

      I get Tech news from three podcasts–Accidental Tech Podcast, TekThing, Tech Nation. You could always add mine–Gary on Manufacturing 😉

      • josephruizjr Says:

        Thanks for this I had not heard of Axios it seems to offer quite a lot of content

    • Dick Frenz Says:

      Thank you for this Gary!

  2. josephruizjr Says:

    My wife and I are also huge Masterpiece Theatre fans – we’ve watched all. We discovered another BBC on Netflix – Dr Blake Mystery good while waiting for new season!!

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