Who Was Your Teacher

I remembered reading somewhere that there was a question put to Jesus that was designed to bring out which of the two great Rabbis of the time he followed.

So I researched, of course. It’s what I do. Like the commercial on TV–like taking 15 minutes to save 15% on car insurance.

I found a Jewish rabbi who had become Christian. Interesting perspective. And I love getting my worldview expanded through these new people. Sort of like chatting with a stranger in the sauna this week only to discover he was from Uzbekistan. I don’t think I had ever met an Uzbek. He talked of taking the train as a child from Tashkent through Novosibirsk (in Siberia) up to northern Siberia. And sort of like going to Canada’s woods, “I got off the train and was attacked by hordes of mosquitoes.”

But I digress. 

There were two famous rabbis in Jesus’ time. Hillel and Shammai. Galileans typically followed Hillel and Judeans Shammai. Every time save one Jesus answered questions as Hillel would have–although at times going further. Hillel, by the way, had a famous grandson also a famous rabbi. You may have heard Paul talk about him–Gamaliel.

I was corresponding with a journalist with a national news organization this week. Noticing his background, I told him that I had studied international politics under the first director of training and recruitment for the CIA as well as a colonel in Army Intelligence. Who you studied under is a validation of sorts.

I’ve had few live teachers of spiritual things and the Bible. The guy at university I spent as much time sparring with as learning from. 

But I studied the early Church Fathers, the Desert Fathers, and particularly Augustine. 

Some pastors have been good guides. But in my life, pastors come and pastors go.

Who was your influencer? Do you still follow their teachings? Or have you grown past your teacher? That happens, you know.

Don’t have one? Better find one. Soon.

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