We Will Be One

Traveling again, I’m staying in a small town in northern Germany about 10 miles from Hannover. Most of the people I have met do not speak English. I am from an area of the US settled by German immigrants. Other than I understand about 10% of what I hear spoken, there are not many differences between here and home.

In my meditations, I have been given the awareness of the unity of all people.

It seems that our nature as humans it to divide. We divide people into groups. The groups may be based on any number of perceived differences. But the key is that we can identify people like us and people not like us.

I have experienced whole religions and churches within them organized on the principle of “us versus them”.  Think of the divisions among Christians. “We have the truth; they don’t.”

Then I remember my awareness of how people essentially are all the same.

As chance (?) would have it, I just attended a press conference in Hannover, Germany, with the global energy and automation technology giant ABB. I won’t get into the gory details of high-voltage DC power transmission. But the speaker made an interesting observation. There is discussion at some of the highest technology levels about the imminent possibility of a single, global electrical power grid.

Step back in your mind and consider how commerce and business and technology have perpetrated changes in global political structures. We have not always had nation-states. Is it possible that technology and commerce can continue to propel us into a “global village”?

And I can see spiritual conversations among people from many and diverse cultures.

One of my favorite philosophers, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, talked about us reaching the “Omega Point” where “Christ will be all in all” as Paul the Apostle stated.

Despite the racism, bigotry, divisiveness we can see around us, I remain optimistic that Christ will win. In fact, I read the end of the book as they say (the Revelation of John, of course), and John says indeed that Christ already won.

We will come together. Especially if we all do our part. God if funny that way. He always expects us to do some of the work!

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