The God I Wish You Knew

Running on a treadmill 40 stories above the Detroit River yesterday, there was the most gorgeous sunrise. It was a red sun reflecting from a few high clouds and off the river ripples.

And I’m listening to Mike Breaux, a preacher who is now an associate serving with Gene Appel at Eastside Christian Church in Orange County, California. Both are excellent communicators.

But I love listening to Breaux. (pronounced bro for the French challenged, from Louisiana)

They are teaching on the idea of “The God I Wish You Knew.”

Appel was saying that people come up to him and say they hate God. He’ll ask, describe God. When they finish, he’ll say, “I don’t like that God, either. Here is the God I wish you knew.”

Breaux was explaining the Bible as a love story. A story that tells how a God loves people so much–even though they keep rejecting him. He continues to pursue them.

What a way to think about God.

Not like some who see God as the Great Vending Machine In The Sky. Oops, need a new car. Drop a prayer in the slot and poof, here’s a new Mercedes. Or, I know I’ve been abusing my body for years, but drop a prayer in the slot and poof, I’m restored to health.

Or, there is the Great Rule Maker In The Sky. Look, here is a list. If we just follow this list of rules, then we’ll be OK. As a bonus, we can compare ourselves to each other. Ha ha, I got 90%; you only got 85%. And look at those poor fools over there who don’t belong with us–they are only batting 33%. Surely they’re going to hell.

I like the idea of the Great Lover–but not in the sky, remote. Time after time in the Bible they talk about God being right here, with us, inside us, around us. Why do we keep missing he point? From a speech made more than 3,000 years ago, “The word is near you, on your lips and in your heart.”

And we get these reminders every once in a while, if our spirit is in the right place, like that sunrise.

One Response to “The God I Wish You Knew”

  1. Manctuary Says:

    I want to know the God of love. His love is not humanly possible to understand.

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