We’re Not God, Get Over It

“First, you’re not God. Second, this isn’t heaven. Third, don’t be an ass.” –Advice to a Jesuit (from “The Jesuit Guide To (almost) Everything“, James Martin

The quote was intended for someone entering the order and for living in community.

It applies to all of us.

It was an accident. I was just getting some oatmeal at breakfast. But there he was. Three feet away at most. Staring right at the camera, not looking up and to the left (a sign of lying), saying facts that had just come out were not true. It was a flat-out lie. Then he started to mix up various words to confuse and redirect the issue.

You’d be thinking politician. In this case, you’d be right. (Notice, please, that I didn’t specify which one. You’re imagining someone of the other party from you right now–right?)

But I’ve seen it in business leaders caught with their hand in the till–or other places they shouldn’t have been. Religious leaders–yep.

Who do they think they are? God?

Then there are the people who think they, and only they, know all the rules of life you should be living by. They quote some Bible verses from whichever Bible they like. But only some.

It’s easy to tell other people what to do. Just be sure to avoid those teachings that point back to me and my followers.

It’s hard to be humble. Sometimes we just don’t want to be. But there comes a time when we have to realize that we’re not God. There is a God already. And he doesn’t like it when people try to usurp his role. Things don’t work out well.

Sometimes when we are pretending to be God, we actually look like an ass.


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