Never Shut Your Heart

“Take care, take care never to shut your heart against anyone.” –Peter Favre, one of the first Jesuits

Yesterday while scanning the news, I saw some quotes from some of our Congresspeople. My first thought was, what a clueless bunch!

But last night at a reception at a conference in Houston, Texas, I got into a conversation with three men. We all come from different areas of the country. We discussed how we are formed by where we’re born and brought up. Some things are just “natural” to us do to the circumstances of our birth.

We are not locked into those circumstances. We can choose to grow, leave, discover new and different ways.

Beware looking back at the people who stayed and shutting your heart. They are who they are. (And boy did I learn a lot about Creole people from south Louisiana.)

Beware shutting your heard against someone you happen to meet. Truly you can find some great human beings just by being open to asking questions to people you just meet. Somebody said to me later, “You guys were certainly having a good time. We could hear you laughing over here.”

I met all three for the first time last night.

There are biological reasons why people can hold on tight to an opinion even in the face of overwhelming reasons why they are wrong. That is life. You might as well recognize it, not condemning the person for ignorance or whatever, and just love them the same.

Shutting your heart to others only sets up barriers around your life preventing you from having great experiences. You just never know where God is going to show up.

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