Fill Me Up, Or Kindle A Fire

Enthusiasm is a fire to be kindled not a vessel to be filled.

So, this email proposal came my way. Register and come down to our conference and let our team fill you to overflowing with enthusiasm.

I’m sure these are great people. They no doubt believe in what they are doing. And, like all God’s children, they need to earn a living.

But enthusiasm leaks.

It leaves a trail behind of dribbles to puddles.

Have you ever been to a lecture, conference, church service, or whatever else where one of those speakers skilled at getting you fired up is leading?

How fast did you lose the enthusiasm? Could you remember much even the next day?

I did not attribute the quote at the beginning because I made it up. But the thought comes from many ancient and not so ancient philosophers. Socrates used the phrase regarding education. Steven Covey also borrowed it.

So how do you kindle the fire from within?

  • Work on something you believe will change the world for the better.
  • Work with people who are focused on the same ends and also a joy to be with.
  • Eat well–meaning appropriate nutrition, balance.
  • Exercise your body appropriately.
  • Exercise your mind–read inspirational things first thing in the morning before you get hit with the day’s bad news.
  • Pray/meditate several times per day.

How does that old song go? “It only takes a spark, to get a fire going.”

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