Where You Set Your Mind, So Shall You Go

You become what you think about.

It’s Monday. Are you thinking about your week ahead?

What am I going to do this week? What will I work on? Who will I meet? Where will I go? Will I be surprised at the answers come Friday?

Maybe a better question to begin each week is, Who will I be this week?

Earl Nightingale was a radio personality making the first “personal development” recordings on actual records. He devoted his life to seeking wisdom. He discovered the phrase quoted above was repeated by almost every ancient philosopher. It’s the strangest secret, he said.

I’ve been teasing out meaning from Paul’s letter to the Romans. It began to dawn on me in Chapter 7 and then hit me in Chapter 8. “Fix your mind on” was the phrase as translated into English in the New International Version.

Fix your mind on matters of the spirit, and you will find life. Fix your mind on matters of the flesh, and you will find death.

It helps to rise each morning, and after drinking 8 oz. of water and fixing that cup of coffee or tea, sit down and read something spiritual and then contemplate. What shall be my focus today?

I will be [calm, joyful, thoughtful, patient, forceful] today. I will watch for opportunities to serve anyone anywhere.

I will become what I think about.

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