Wanna Get Away?

“Wanna get away?” –Airline commercial, when you’ve done something embarrassing 

We’ve done it. All of us. Yes, you, too.

Said something stupid. Walked into a door. Walked around with the zipper on our pants down.

Or, maybe deeper. Alienated people who were close to us. Or we feel alienated by others. We’re alone.

Yes, we want to get away. Let’s just hop on that big ol’ jet liner. Carry me so far away.

Maybe we’ve gotten ourselves into some sort of gerbil wheel of busyness. We go harder, faster, longer and can’t get out of the cage.

We want to get away.

Monasteries and convents around the world have programs, brochures even, for people who want to escape for a spiritual retreat.

Do you think that seven days of silence will fix that ache inside?

Not if you return to the same old scene.

Religious communities from the time when they began have known that there are two types of people who seek to enter:

  1. Those who have a spiritual life and wish to deepen it; and
  2. Those who want to get away from something or someone.

Tip: that second type doesn’t make it.

First, take steps to get your life in order. Like Jesus told us, if we’re on our way to church and remembe we have a grudge against someone we know, stop, turn around, go to the person, make things right, then go to church.

Quit that job. Soon. Quickly.

Sit quietly with just yourself. No distractions. Fifteen minutes a day. Then thirty. How about an hour a day? Meditate.

If you can do that, then one of those retreats will deepen your spirit.

Prepare your heart before all else. Begin now.

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