Getting Comfortable In Our Self

He was sharing about his early experiences in the Navy. Today he is famous around town as a “joker.” Guess he always was.

“Life is too serious to take serious,” he told me.

So, he’s on his first ship. First trip. Sees the Captain. “Morning, Sir. How’s it going?” he said.

Junior officer hears him. Begins to yell at him, “Don’t you ever talk to your commanding officer that way.”

He says that later he observed that senior officers were much more laid back about that sort of thing.

I thought, yes, that’s true. Do we remember back to being in our late 20s or 30s and trying to make it? And how serious we were? And how we were sticklers for protocol and rank? In fact rank was quite important to us.

Then we matured. We were comfortable with ourselves. We stopped worrying about rank and privileges. Maybe we became human.

Spiritual life is like that.

At first we need the rules. Paul calls that like being babies who need milk. Then we get on the maturity track. We realize that the goal, if you will, is to mature. Paul says that is like going from drinking milk to eating steak.

As we mature, we are more comfortable in our spirituality. No more trying to impress people. That’s a lost cause for us anyway.

We are just us. Well, sort of like me and God. “Just us, Lord, right?”

We don’t impact anyone through our opinions or rules. We impact people through example. What we do shouts louder than what we say.

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