Get In The Flow

They call it The Flow.

Stories have been written about great (American) football quarterbacks. They must be great leaders as well as gifted athletes. A game is on the line in the final minutes. Execute properly and the team wins. Lose focus, and loss follows. 

They are focused only on the moment. Just the next play. The mechanics have been drilled into them through ceaseless practice. The team must move the ball 10 yards on this play. That is their focus.

After the game, they may not even remember all the plays. Just the success.

Computer programmers get that. You focus so intently on coding that problem that all sense of time is lost.

Writers get that, too. You’ve done the research. The problem is laid out. It’s just concentrate and execute.

Little kids. Billy out playing baseball with the friends (if they still are allowed outside to play anymore give how overprotective Americans have become). Doesn’t even hear Mom calling for dinner.

Spiritual masters. Look how long Moses stayed atop Mt. Sinai. Jesus in the wilderness.

But not just masters at that level.

When is the last time you lost yourself in something? Remember the feeling. Was it more than a month ago? A year? A decade?

Maybe it is time to find something to lose yourself in. 

Prayer. Service. Worship. Play. Music. Writing. Work.

Try it.

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One Response to “Get In The Flow”

  1. Eddie Says:

    Well said, Gary. There is a myth out there that we humans can multi-task. What is called multi-tasking is nothing more than what we in computer science call multiplexing – chopping up multiple tasks in to small activities and executing them alternately one small piece at a time.

    Focus and mindfulness require practice and discipline, but most importantly, they require the presence of a quiet mind. Rehashing the past, contemplating the future rob us of the precious and irrecoverable moment at hand.

    Whether it’s called getting in the flow, living the moment, or mindfulness, focusing on the task at hand without interruption is key to success in every activity.

    Looking forward to seeing you in about ten days in Orlando.


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