They Got It All Wrong

Sometimes we miss the significant thing and reward someone for the wrong thing. We thought they did one thing, when in reality they did something else.

Jesus healed a guy who was dead. For four days he was dead. And Jesus healed him, gave him new life, restored him to his family.

There were many witnesses.

The religious/political rulers did not like that. The plotted to kill not only Jesus, who was their chief antagonist, but also Lazarus, because he had been dead and now he was alive. (Irony that they wanted to kill him again.)

So Jesus went away and essentially hid from the rulers.

Then he came to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. And people spotted him. “There’s the guy who brought back a man from the dead. He must be the anointed one of God. The long-expected king to reclaim our land for us.” Word spread, people gathered, they gave Jesus a royal reception into Jerusalem.

Sometimes in our study we go off on a wrong path. We didn’t understand something the way God meant it. Some people have taken that misunderstanding and done much harm. With Jesus it certainly ended his attempt to be incognito entering Jerusalem.

We must take great care when interpreting what we read while studying the Bible. We must understand what it says, not what we want it to say.

One thing I find interesting is that we don’t find Jesus discussing that royal reception and parade into town. He knew what was in store for him. We don’t know if he waved to the people like today’s politicians. Or if he looked aloof and stoic like a royal person would. We don’t know how the adulation affected him. I know how it would affect me. I’d get a big head.

He seemed to accept it and move on toward his destiny.

Our lesson is to also accept what happens and move on toward our destiny. And to take care to celebrate the right things.

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