How Close To God Do We Wish To Be

Recently during a small group discussion one man in the midst of a discussion said, “You know, we can be as close to Jesus as we want to be.”

That was a profound statement that just passed over the group.

I brought it back up at the end of the time. It is worth careful consideration.

The doctrine of prevenient grace states that God is always pursuing us and ready to accept us.


The question for us to think and then act on is whether we are pursuing God.

Another man said that he had started a practice of praying at the office before work. The other day he forgot to in the busyness of getting ready for the day.

Guess what, he had a bad day.

Spiritual practices exist for a reason. Thousands of years of experience by seekers after God have shown that setting up a routine of study and prayer especially early in the day is a perfect way of reminding us to pursue God and his ways in our daily life.

We can get as close as we want. How close to God do we want to be?

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