Trafficking And The Mistreatment of Women

Jimmy Carter recently gave a TED Talk on why he thinks mistreatment of women is the number one human rights abuse.

About the same time there were other TED Talks on trafficking for international sex trade.

Yesterday morning I attended an inaugural meeting of an organization that hopes to rescue people caught in various types of trafficking including women caught in the sex trade.

I have visited the “red light” district in Tijuana. In all my travels, I have never seen so many prostitutes per square foot. None of those women chose this life. Many times the family was so poor that not all could be fed. It was easy to sell off a younger daughter or two at about age 14.

These all feed off the insatiable demand of many men for sexual intercourse. Of course, I’m not opposed to the act. Just that there is an appropriate time, place, and partner. Many people just cannot contain themselves.

And that is not the only type of trafficking. Both men and women are caught up in what amounts to slavery–promised jobs, given loans, only to discover that the jobs don’t pay a living wage let alone enough to pay off debts.

Back to my group. They are talking about education. Intervention. Helping those who escape start over. Worthy ideals, all.

But it will take a change in the human heart to really affect change.

One of the biggest obstacles? Jimmy Carter stated, “Men just don’t give a damn.”

Help will come when hearts change. That is our main work.

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