Working Your Way Through Suffering

She was dealing with a series of emotionally unstable people. Whether she saw one of them, or saw their caller ID on her phone, or saw an email–it all brought a tightness in her gut and constricted her heart. A psychologist might say that her “fight or flight” biology was activiated.

Every day, the scene repeated.

Sometimes, though the others’ emotions were sanguine. Sometimes, despondent. Sometimes, even belligerent. 

She suffered through every day. Never knowing what she’d be facing from loved ones and acquaintances.

Sometimes our sufferings are simply (if I can say that) seemingly intractable problems. Sometimes as a result of a tragedy that touches our lives–discovery of serious illness, death of a loved one. For some of my readers, it is the constant fear of facing evil in the body of fanatic anarchists who might torture and kill.

Do not ask why, advises an ancient Celtic Christian priest. 

He says that by working through your problems and sufferings, you will become stronger and endure. Without going through suffering, most of the transforming power of the cross would disappear. In the struggle, we can overcome through the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

As Jesus said to the church of Laodicea according to John in the Revelation, “To the one who conquers I will give a place with me on my throune, just as I myself conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne.”

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