To Do Is To Be

Be as you wish to seem.

We know that you can change your mood just by changing how you act. Feel down, smile. Feel a little lethargic, go for a walk.

Personal development gurus, back when it mattered how you dress, advised dressing and acting like someone in the position to which you aspire.

I asked myself earlier this week, what sort of person do I want to be. I need to decide that before I do things like setting goals and that sort of thing.

Socrates turns the thought around, although in reflection I think I disagree a little with him.

He makes it more external. How do you wish to be seen by others? That’s one way to take the word “seem.”

I think I’d turn it around and make it a play on words which is a great memory tool. “Be as you wish to be.”

Be—as in act—as you wish to be—as in the type of character you want to develop the type of human that you would be recognized as.

We are presented opportunities every day to prove and improve our character. We choose to act or not act in the face of each opportunity. We can choose our model to help us do the right thing. That is the meaning of disciple—we are disciples of someone whom we wish to be like.

Pick your model—the one whom you will follow—wisely. Then we try to act at every opportunity like our teacher/mentor/model.

We can choose. Choose wisely. Then go and do. Or, be as you wish to be.

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