Thinking New Years Resolutions Think Intention

Most of us throughout the world will be reflecting on 2014 and planning for 2015 this week.

We all know that New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. I teach a Yoga class at the local YMCA. In a couple of weeks, my class attendance will leap from 12-14 to 25. Two weeks later–back to 12.

The fitness center will be busy–for about a month. Then back to normal.

We’ll read books. Dream of starting businesses. Find love. Become nicer people.

Except–we won’t.

What if we started with what sort of person we wanted to be? What would be our character? How would we treat people?

Then, what if we prayed daily intentionally for God to bring a new opportunity to serve into our lives? What if we prayed intentionally for new people to come into our lives?

I have experienced that. I’m now living it.

But I’m not through. I’m still praying intentionally for my ministries. I’m still praying for God to bring people into my life. Maybe they will minister to me. Or, maybe they are there for me to minister to.

I have not made resolutions or set goals for many years. I pray for opportunities and for the wisdom to recognize and act on them. It works much better.

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One Response to “Thinking New Years Resolutions Think Intention”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    Same here Gary, my past goal setting experience would place me in the “January” group. I start with good intentions but quickly return to normal, whatever that is. I have been affected by Bill Hybel’s Simplify so I am incorporating that, plus the character piece you talked about. I am thinking more about who does God want me to be and how does he want to use me. Thanks for the thoughts.

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