Fear or Faith

Yes, I’ve been traveling again. Conferences start too early in the morning for me to keep up my daily routine. But I’m in Austin, Texas and enjoying my early morning runs along Town Lake like I’ve done for the past 16 years at this conference.

A remark was made Sunday that people can react to circumstances with fear or faith.

Psychologists who study such things have noticed for years that people have fears they may not even recognize.

People in business often fear, not failure, but success. For some reason, they are uncomfortable with success and do something to screw it up. It’s worth thinking about in your own life. Are there projects or ministries or businesses where you reacted with fear of the unknown that comes with success or with faith in the future?

I’ve been contemplating the horrors of the Middle East with this latest invasion of Gaza by Israel. So much of that conflict is where fear meets resentment. And it seems like a vicious circle. I’ve been to Israel. I’ve sensed the underlying fear. I’ve been around poor people and talked to a few Palestinians. I also sensed this in Egypt several years ago. The resentment. Even educated people with no prospects.

Fear and resentment played a part in US history–remember the summer of riots in the late 60s.

Both sides in all these cases claimed a faith. But the reactions are fear.

And what of us? Do we step out in service in faith? Or do we shrink from helping others from fear?

Time for a personal check up?

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