What Spiritual Discipline Is Hardest

I was wondering which Spiritual Discipline I found hardest to do. Which one is hard for you?

Study? Worship? Pray? Meditate? Service?

For me, I think it’s Celebrate.

This might be personal. I’ve been somewhat frazzled over the past four years as my life changed a lot after about 20 years of stability. So, I may not always be in a celebrating mood.

On the other hand, you sort of need a reason, place and friends to celebrate. The worship service I regularly attend could hardly be called a celebration. It’s almost boring, to be frank.

Most of the people I know have quite low-key celebrations. Gather, eat, chat. Doesn’t seem all that celebratory.

Maybe I don’t know how to celebrate? Maybe I expect too much?

What about you? How do you celebrate? Or, do you? Or what is hard for you?

People regain their relationship with God through practicing Spiritual Disciplines. We call Yoga a “practice” not a “workout.”

Maybe I should practice celebration.

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