Change What You Do

If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. — Henry Ford

Ever feel in a rut? Are you old enough to remember the little cartoon passed around captioned, “The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get”?

Lately, I’ve been exposed to several instances (all names deleted to protect the guilty–which may include me) where people persist in doing (or wanting to do) the same things as always, but they expect different results (I believe that’s an Einstein quote regarding insanity).

Sometimes we have to step back from the daily gerbil wheel and reflect on where we are going. David Allen (“Getting Things Done”) suggests weekly and monthly reviews along with an annual review. These are appointments for meetings with yourself to review where you are going in short, medium and long time horizons. They work.

Sometimes we see that we are trying to sell the same old product in the same old way hoping for lightning to strike that will suddenly make us millionaires.

Maybe we make a commitment to practice a couple of Spiritual disciplines–maybe read the Bible daily. We put it on the To-Do list. We get up, read for a few minutes, then close the book and get on with the day.

Then we step away from the busyness and take time to think. We see that we either need to change the product or the target market. We see that just quickly reading so that we can check the item off the list isn’t getting us anywhere without building in time for reflection on what we read. And then we add prayer/meditation. And then that leads to service.

I’ve gotten so busy over the past year, that I’ve looked at things to change. I’m the sort of person who will do the work. I’m learning to let some things go. I simply can’t do it all. Where can I find others to take up some of the load. I’m also learning to teach others the same thing.

Two things I’ve learned: never stop growing in Spiritual maturity; never stop learning.

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