Watching The Status of Your Heart

Last summer, my doctor thought he found some severe heart problems–in me. I spent a little more than a day in the hospital. Saw my heart on the echocardiogram. Underwent several other tests. Mostly we learned that, while my heart isn’t in perfect condition, it’s not all that bad.

That’s much like my “other” heart–the one Jesus talks about. The one Jesus was most concerned with. He always probed people for the state of their heart. His point about the Pharisees was that they were more concerned with what was outside while the status of their hearts seemed to be sick.

I’m reading Andy Stanley’s book “Enemies of the Heart” right now. He discusses some diseases of the inner heart, the root causes of the diseases and then some practical advice for correction. I heard his sermon series that precipitated the book, so I had a head start. I’m sure I’ll be analyzing more later as I finish the book.

For now, I think I’ll tie into my last post about listening to yourself.

What do you often say that you wish you didn’t? Would you say, “That really doesn’t sound like me?” What about when someone does something wrong and people always say, “He was such a good person.”

Stanly says that no, they weren’t. What comes out of you is a reflection of the state of your heart. You can’t always hide what’s in your heart. It comes out eventually. That is why it is so important to listen to what you say and observe what you do. This information is an indicator about your heart. Just like the probes and tests I underwent last summer.

Paul tells us in Romans that we are all sinners, but also that we have a way out. That’s called God’s grace. But we have to be aware of that and ask for it.

Awareness of the state of your heart helps to focus prayers on fixing your problems–sort of like the medicines I’m on. I’m pondering comments I’ve been making lately. What is in my heart that causes them? I am looking for insight into the causes so that I can change. Life is a series of these corrections which over time we would hope would become smaller and smaller as we achieve maturity in the Spirit.

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