It Takes Both Grace and Truth

The father welcomed his son back into the family and threw a big party to celebrate the occasion in the story of the man with two sons. That’s grace. God welcoming us into the family. Loving us. Watching for us to appear over the rise on our way back home.

But that doesn’t mean that actions don’t have consequences. Paul asked if we have grace and forgiveness of our sins, does that mean that we should sin more so that we can get more grace? He answered himself, No.

Life doesn’t work that way. Sin–being away from the Father–has consequences. In this story, the son lost all his inheritance. He has nothing more coming. He will have to go back to work and start to earn a living. His life got so bad that he was living with pigs.

We see this in people today–maybe not living with pigs, but maybe living like pigs. When I grew up, that was the expression. Pigs lived in muck and ate almost anything. It was not the way we were meant to live.

That our actions have consequences is Truth. As much as the adolescent in us wishes we are entirely free to live in any way we wish, life doesn’t work out that way. The totally self-absorbed lifestyle that knows no boundaries is not a life of freedom. You actually become a slave to emotional fulfillment. It’s a life that hurts others and then eventually yourself.


If you come to your senses and return to God, then God is there. Still loving you. Ready to take us back.

We who are living with-God are there as guides to help people find their way back. Those who were lost, are now found. Then we all rejoice.

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