Share Your God Experience Through Listening

Last weekend I heard a speaker who gave two presentations on sharing God with others.  Those who have read this blog for a while know that I consider listening a Spiritual discipline. He didn’t go that far, but as he talked about sharing with people, that point came through.

Someone said, how do you start a discussion on Spiritual topics. There didn’t seem to be a formula. I have not found a formula. But sometimes asking a question such as “how are you” and listening to the reply is a great starter. You can ask a follow up “why is that” type of question. Then “how does that make you feel”.

There are some keys. No matter to whom you are talking, it is important not to be condescending or judgmental. That will just turn people away and build a wall.

You build a conversation and watch for the appropriate opening. One thing I’ve found is not to give advice–exactly. But you can share what you’ve experienced. If people have been hurt or are cynical about “religion” just talk about the essentials. It’s not about religion. It’s about your life. How you live. What’s its purpose. Meeting the right sort of friends. Caring. Being cared for.

It’s not religion–it’s life.

Someone asked about different religions. When I was growing up, the different religion we worried about was Roman Catholicism. My, times are different. But I have friends who are Muslim and Hindu. Doesn’t matter to me. I can still simply talk about the Spirit and what it means in my life. People are interested in the spirit. If I can just encourage that, I’ve done them a great service.

It all starts with listening. With your heart. No agenda. Except to share what you have for where they are in their life.

Don’t be afraid. It’s fun.

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