A Time of Reflection

Christmas is over. Feeling a sense of loss? Or “is that all it is?” Nothing has changed–or has it?

I’m with Jon Swanson who pondered that Joseph had a lot to think over. Mostly for him, it meant that the baby was born. Mary was sore and grumpy, yet motherly with the new infant. He now had responsibilities to bring the boy up in the faith.

This time between Christmas and New Year’s Day has always been a time of reflection for me. Look back over the past year. What new things have I learned? What should I do better? What new things should I work on during the coming year? Am I doing the important things? Are there new people for me to meet this year? What new things should I learn this year?

I no longer set New Year’s resolutions or goals. But I look at directions. Where I’ve been. Where I’m going. What is God calling me to do and be this year?

Stop, pause, reflect, refresh. Establish some new habits this year. Maybe set a new pattern for your life. But most of all, enjoy.

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